Best Diwali wishes images, Diwali Whatsapp status and Quotes

Best Diwali wishes images, Diwali Whatsapp status and Quotes

Diwali is the most important festival celebrated by Hindus everywhere in the world. Diwali - The festival of lights will be celebrated on November 14th, 2020 in India.

Diwali word derived from the Sanskrit word Deepavali, this means that a "string of lights". The word is a conjugation of "Deepa" about a rock lamp and "Vali" about a collection of something. Diwali festival falls during the beginning of autumn 😊 and at the stop of the summer harvest. In Diwali, This day is the darkest day of the 12 months, also known as Amavasya. Despite the fact that the show has been referred to as a Hindu festival, it's celebrated by Jains, Sikhs, and Newar Buddhists, too.

Why Hindus celebrate Diwali every year 🤔?

A long time ago, Hindu lords Ram, Sita, Laxman, and Hanuman went to the jungle for 14 years of Vanvas. Diwali is the day when Ram, Sita, Lakshman, and Hanuman, back to Ayodhya😊😊. Legend has it that the kingdom had lit up with lamps, with people rejoicing and celebrating the return of the righteous successor to the kingship. So all people from India are celebrating this festival as joyful, cheerful and it sparks a light in our heart.

Here, some amazing collection of Diwali wishes...

1. Top Diwali Status for WhatsApp Dipawali Wishes

2. Best Diwali Quotes with dp Images for social sharing

(1) Best Diwali Status for WhatsApp

Best WhatsApp status of Diwali wishes. You can update Diwali status to your WhatsApp account to express, how your feeling for this lightning festival. Below the list of amazing Diwali status 2020 is one or two line status to read easy and fast.

हम आपके लिए खास हो,😊 लक्ष्मी माता का आपके घर में वास हो ॐ महलक्ष्म्यै नमः 👍॥
॥ 😊😊ॐ शुभ दीवाली😊😊 ॥
Deepawali mein deepo ka didar😎 , Khusiyo ke sath mubarak hajar. 👦
हर घर में हो उजाला, 😊आए ना रात काली, हर घर मे माने खुशिया, 😊😊हर घर मे हो दिवाली.
This diwali.. M UN-Available!
आई आई दिवाली आई,साथ मे कितनी खुशियाँ लायी😎, धूम मचाओ मौज मनाओ,आप सभी को दिवाली की बधाई !!
😊॥ 卐 शुभ दीपावली 卐॥😊
खूब मीठे मीठे पकवान खाएं, 😎सेहत मैं चार चाँद लगायें,लोग तो सिर्फ चाँद तक गए हैं ,✅आप उस से भी ऊपर जाएँ ,दिवाली की शुभकामनायें
Life Is A Festival Only To The Wise ✅✅.
Safalta Kadam Chumti rahe✅, Khushi Aaspas ghumti rahe, 😎 Yash Itna faile ki KASTURI Sharma Jaye, 😜Laxmi ki kripa itni ho ki BALAJI bhi dekhte rah jaye.😜
**卐 शुभ दीपावली 卐** सुख संपत्ति घर आवे.. शुभ दीपावली !!
दियो की रौशनी से जगमगाता संसार,😎 दिखा रहा दुनिया का भगवान श्री राम के प्रति प्यार.😊😊 हैप्पी दिवाली !!
“दिवाली पर्व है, खुशियों का,😊 उजालो का, लक्ष्मी का! इस दीपावली पर आपकी जिंदगी खुशियों से भरी हो;😊😊 दुनिया उजालो से रोशन हो; और घर पर माँ लक्ष्मी का आगमन हो! शुभ दीपावली!”

(2) Best Diwali wishes Dp Quotes Images 2020

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